21st Jan 2020

Ana de la Vega and Ramón Ortega Quero: ‘a prayer for Australia’

Australian flautist Ana de la Vega and Ramón Ortega Quero dedicate their concert with the ECO on Friday 24th January to Pop up firefighters from Ana’s hard hit region from where she returned yesterday.

’‘It’s hard to believe concert life must continue after this past month in Australia but Ramon Ortega Quero and I will release our new CD on Pentatone with a concert with the ECO at Cadogan Hall on 24 January.

The concert lies on the Australia Day weekend. Australia Day is a day where our nation celebrates our beautiful country and its courageous people. Sadly this year is overshadowed by this unimaginable catastrophy.

In addition to the regular program, we play a ‘prayer’ for Australia, as well as donate our fees to the POP-UP fire fighters, who need proper equipment in order to protect what’s left of the South Coast where I am from.

Please come and celebrate Australia and Australia Day with us and from London we can together send prayers and love across the oceans! Thank you”

Ana de la Vega