30 Jul

Music in Country Churches at St Nicholas, King’s Lynn

18:30 St Nicholas, King's Lynn

Music in Country Churches has arranged concerts in over 55 country churches and the English Chamber Orchestra has had the pleasure of performing across the country as part of their concert series which aims to raise funds to maintain the fabric of our beautiful country churches.

At St Nicholas in King’s Lynn we’re performing a programme that celebrates two of the great pieces of classical repertoire, Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture and Mozart’s final symphony No. 41 ‘Jupiter’. These works are paired with a lesser performed work by Richard Strauss, his Violin Concerto. The concerto was composed by Strauss during his teenage years and though wrtitten in the romantic tradition of its time, it hints at the young composer’s reverence of the masters of the preceding classial period, especially Mozart.

  1. Mendelssohn The Hebrides Overture Op. 26 'Fingal's Cave'
  2. Richard Strauss Violin Concerto in Dminor Op. 8
  3. Mozart Symphony No. 41 in C Major K.551 'Jupiter'
José Matias
Koen Kessels
English Chamber Orchestra
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